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Shipman Dispute Resolution, LLC. offers Denton mediation services for parties involved in civil, business, family, and commercial disputes. Mr. Shipman is a legally trained and skilled mediator able to assess such disputes as well as all relevant legal issues in order to help both sides reach an agreeable resolution.

Mediation is an ideal first option when parties wish to resolve a dispute outside a Courtroom proceeding. Mediation is also preferred because it allows the parties to stay on relatively good terms, provides confidentiality that official legal proceedings do not, and is a relatively quick and inexpensive process compared to other options.

When Mediation is Needed

Mediation may be the simplest and least painful way to get help in resolving a legal dispute. In general, the success of the mediation process depends upon the goodwill of the parties involved. The mediator simply acts as an impartial third party to ensure an agreement can be reached without sacrificing the relationship between the parties.

How Mediation Works

The mediation process brings the disputed parties together with a mediator in an attempt to resolve the dispute. The mediator oversees the process from start to finish, and it is the least formal of all ADR options.

Keys to a Successful Mediation

If you are involved in a dispute that may lead to mediation or if you are involved in a dispute that has progressed beyond mediation into full-blown litigation, there are several advantages to turning to mediation for resolution. However, for your Denton mediation to be successful, keep these tips in mind:

  • Respect: Mediation success is based upon the goodwill of both parties. Treating both the mediator and the other party with respect at all times helps improve the chances of the mediation’s success.

  • Patience: It’s normal for both parties to believe they are in the right in a mediation process. To reach to a place of mutual understanding, change of some sort must take place. Remaining patient and truly trying to see the other side of the issue can tremendously improve your chances of success at mediation.

  • Reconcile Differences: If achieving resolution is the focus, then being willing to overcome issues between you and the other party are key in successful resolution. During the mediation process, identify ways to overcome differences and actively work to implement those solutions.

  • Be Prepared: If there is important documentation, bring it. If there are key personnel who are the only ones who can make decisions, make certain they are present. In general, do everything you can to prepare before you come to mediation to ensure its success.

  • Make a Deal: Remember the goal of a mediation process is not to “win” or “defeat” the other party. Instead, the point of mediation is to come to a mutual understanding so that the dispute can finally be resolved. Keeping this in mind is key to achieving any success in mediation.

If you are in the North Texas area and need the services of a reliable, impartial, and experienced Mediator, contact our office online or by phone at (940) 435-8083 schedule an initial confidential consultation.

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