Alternative Dispute Resolution

At Shipman Dispute Resolution, LLC we provide a wide variety of services to help clients resolve civil and commercial disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution.

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Mediation | Arbitration   Trial By Special Judge

Contact Judge L. Dee Shipman to schedule a convenient time to sit down in a private and confidential setting to discuss your legal matter.

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North Texas Alternative Dispute Resolution Attorney

L. Dee Shipman is a former State District Judge in Denton County, TX. Founder of Shipman Dispute Resolution, LLC., an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practice, Judge Shipman now spends his time providing clients in the North Texas area with the best options for ADR, including Mediation, Arbitration, and Trial by Special Judge.

Judge Shipman provides Alternative Dispute Resolution services as a way to resolve civil, business, family, or commercial disputes for his clients. There are many advantages to resolving disputes without going to trial. A savings in legal fees, stress of trial, uncertainty of jury verdicts, and resolving disputes through ADR.

Mediation | Arbitration | Trial By Special Judgetbls2-criminallaw-familylaw

Specifically, Judge Shipman provides three of the most effective and common types of ADR services: Mediation, Arbitration, and Trial by Special Judge:


Shipman Dispute Resolution, LLC. offers skilled and effective mediation services for parties involved in a family, civil, business, or commercial dispute. Judge Shipman is a legally trained and skilled mediator who will assess the dispute as well as all relevant legal issues, help the parties reach an agreed settlement, and draw up a confidential agreement for the parties.

Mediation is the least formal legal process to settle a dispute outside the court and is an ideal option when parties wish to resolve a dispute quietly and formally. However, sometimes a dispute cannot be mediated and more formal proceedings should take place. When the process of mediation has failed in the past or is not an option, Mr. Shipman also works as an arbitrator. More Information →


Shipman Dispute Resolution, LLC. also offers arbitration services. In the majority of cases, parties bound by an arbitration clause or who cannot reach an agreement through mediation seek arbitration before going to court. Judge Shipman is an experienced, neutral, and fair arbitrator who can preside over and resolve a dispute between parties. This still allow the parties involved to present evidence for their side just like they would in a court to an impartial and legally trained third party but without the costs and formality associated with an actual Court trial. More Information →

Trial By Special Judge

In certain family, civil, and other disputes, parties may seek a trial by special judge in order to expedite the case. Having served as a District Judge, Mr. Shipman is a qualified Special Judge able to oversee such cases. More Information →


Our office holds the necessary expertise that clients seek when looking for a knowledgeable North Texas ADR Attorney. Contact our Denton office today to schedule a private consultation.

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